R. Stevie Moore ~ The Meeting That Couldn’t Be (1978)

ANIMATION By PETER MACK (2020) h264 THE MEETING THAT COULDN’T BE (composed, performed, spoken & recorded alone at home at 177 Park St. (3rd floor front) in Montclair NJ by R. Stevie Moore, Sept 1978) (drums from nashville by Mark…

R. Stevie Moore ~ The Meeting That Couldn't Be (1978)




(composed, performed, spoken & recorded alone at home at 177 Park St. (3rd floor front) in Montclair NJ by R. Stevie Moore, Sept 1978)
(drums from nashville by Mark Cudnik)

uhhhh! time for me to get up. what time is it anyway? i can’t see the clock from where i lay here. and the one across the room i can’t focus my eyes on. where’s my glasses? i better stand up and stretch. this is the day that i meet you, for the first time i finally get a chance to meet you. and i must get ready, for it is late, later than i think. where’s my watch? god, i can’t find anything! what did i do last night? everything is lost in the shuffle.

it’s a rainy saturday morning
but that does not please me.
i feel solemn and dismal.
first i must put on a pair of pants
but i cannot decide which to wear
i’ll try on the black pants
if i could only find them
there they are!
how did they get over there?
i must have left them there without thinking
i’ll shake them out and slip them on
but no, the black pants are wrinkled
and there are little white spots on one leg
can’t wear them!
i’ll have to remember to fix them up later
i guess i’ll just find my jeans
and not worry about dressing up
can i find the bathroom?
it’s so dark!
where’s the sunshine i was promised?
didn’t i pray for a beautiful day last night?
a lot of good that did
there’s my watch on the bathroom shelf
how did it get there?
i’m thinking of you
as i finish on the toilet
and then i wet my face
i still don’t know which pants i’m gonna wear
shirts are no problem
for some reason i take care of all my shirts
but i let my pants fall to the floor
and they get totally out of control
there, that feels better with my face washed
that’s me in the mirror, huh?
is that how i look?
i gotta get going
it’s already 9:30 and i’ve got some driving to do
here in my closet are many memories of
the days when we planned this meeting for today
hope you’re ready for me
because i’ve suddenly grown out of sorts
and sometimes i can’t help myself
my new life has made me fall behind
in self-responsabilities
and it takes me hours to prepare for anything
there’s my glasses, on the desk
they must be cleaned
i put on a tony bennett album
and that helps to calm me down
it’s hard enough waking up
with this special event coming up
it’s cold in here!
better get dressed
these jeans are filthy!
but they’re all i can find
i’ll wear that new white shirt
that’s hanging in the closet, yeah
choosing a tie is easy
suddenly i’m ready. guess i’ll leave
is everything turned off?
maybe i’ll leave one light on
i might not be back until late
got my money, cigarettes, lighter
i better take my driver’s license
where is it??

goodness gracious
i’m so untogether this morning
i’ve got so much to think about
what if the car doesn’t start?
do i have your number
in case something were to happen?
let’s see, there it is
i’m surprised i didn’t lose that too
i’m getting a little hungry
but there isn’t time for that
i better go before i lose something else
at least it stopped raining
now how do i get to your building?
i’ll just have to stop at a service station
and ask for directions, i guess
as i look up and walk away
i realize that my meeting you is
the best thing that’s ever happened to me
i’ve been waiting for this for a long time
and how hard to believe that today is the day
my car is soaking wet inside
why did i leave the windows down?
now my jeans are getting damp
and the car won’t start
come on!
maybe i’ll let it sit for a minute
and i’ll pump the gas
i’ve got my fingers crossed
now it’s starting to rain again
oh no!
i’ve got a feeling something’s against me
it still won’t start
better roll up the windows & start walking
i’ll br drenched by the time i get there
is this what it takes
just to meet you and be happy for once?
why is this happening to me?
oh god, it’s starting to pour
i gotta turn back
i can’t take it any longer
i’ll just have to stay here
until someone rescues me
which might never happen
this is ridiculous!
i’m tired of living this way
might as well take some dope, lots of it
where did i put the pills?
there it is, and there’s your picture
will i ever see you again?
i better call you
and tell you what’s going on
no answer, forget it!
i’m just gonna end it all
all these pills will take care of me
i’ll just wait a little while
and then, no more problems
i just hope you call me before it’s too late

©1978 r.stevie moore

as originally appeared on
games and groceries – mc (1978)
everything – 2Lp (1984)

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