Let’s Get Cooking – Rookie Mistakes

Let’s Get Cooking is about the struggle with doing something new. In a critical moment with limited time, Noah must prepare a meal with no prior experience in cooking! Music: Collision by Max Tune Sound Effects:

Toolkit Tuesday Episode 1.7

Today Dealership Toolkit’s COO Liz Martin and CEO Rich DeLancey join Trisha to give an update on what is new at Toolkit. Rich gives everyone an update on BOTS and Shopping Insight. Then Liz explores data and creative. Finally, Rich…

1 Peter 3:8-4:11 – Living Like Jesus

Peter continues his exhortation to those God’s chosen people, living as exiles, with regard to suffering while living for God. Humility, unity, love and other calls make clear Peter’s intent: to help us look at Jesus, and look like Him.…