FUMC Church Council Jun 9, 2020 Excerpts

0:00: It begins with a request for a public acknowledgment of the hurt that was caused in the hasty and unlawful termination of a Pastor and further requests the church take responsibility for the hurt. “I can acknowledge what happened…

FUMC Church Council Jun 9, 2020 Excerpts



0:00: It begins with a request for a public acknowledgment of the hurt that was caused in the hasty and unlawful termination of a Pastor and further requests the church take responsibility for the hurt. “I can acknowledge what happened hurt people.”

2:00: Discussion about “young adult” member on SPRC and how to achieve getting a “young adult” We are not going to discuss what happened. What are we doing to move forward?

3:20: Discussion on SPRC failing to do its job and the Pastor saying it is the only committee that he gets to “hand pick.”

5:30: SPRC Former SPRC member to the nominating committee “make sure the (new nominees” have a spine and they have some experience.”

6:45: Way Forward Committee update by Pastor. The Way Forward Committee would bring forward a recommendation based on the General Conference. General Conference has now been pushed to August 9-Sept 2, 2021. The Church Council decided push a decision on the church and the UMC would be pushed to November 2021. This delays any movement on supporting LGBTQ more fully, continues to withhold

14:00 Finance would like to pay an apportionment to the UMC for 2019 and withhold 2020 & 2021 funding. They will be having conversations and making a decision to support the UMC General conference who discriminates LGBTQ despite a church wide decision to withhold the apportionment.

15:50 They approve a decision on church’s Way Forward to be delayed until Nov 2021. Still complicit with LGBTQ rights, only withholding apportionment, no LGBTQ weddings conducted to date by the Pastor. All words, no deeds.

16:20 Deadline for newsletter is June 18

17:00 Pastor Report: COVID building closed through June.
19:10 Pastor Report: Concord Center Mediation Group, work with staff and SPRC initially to ensure everyone is being heard. Then move into congregation in general with small group gatherings or in-person meetings. The process has begun. Contacting staff and staff parish, then to broader congregation for “congregation to be heard.”
20:35 Following plan for Mercy & justice team to continue their work. Mercy & Justice team is self-sustaining. Retired clergy assisting with pastoral calls. Spoke with DS to keep an eye out for an associate pastor down the road.
22:00 Question in chat, will associate Pastor be allowed to participate in the mediation?
22:45 Pastor agrees that associate pastor should be contacted by the Concord Center.

23:00 Church member expresses concern about mediation before knowing what happened. Is there any transparency, less the HR.
23:48 Pastor, in talking with the center, their process is going to “help small groups process” and then “how do we move forward from here.” In terms of process, we really can’t talk about what happened. We learned a lot, maybe a process error or a committee not knowing what the process was.

25:36 Former SPRC member explains why three SPRC members resigned and departed. The resigned members did ask for the process to be slowed down, for mediation, but the SPRC and senior Pastor were unwilling to slow down. They had a plan and were going full speed ahead. There was no opportunity for reason to enter into the discussion.

26:30 Church Council Chair, feeling horrible for the terminated Pastor, as well.

26:45 Church Member addresses policy that all issues must go through Senior Pastor prior to going to SPRC. This caused a staff member to be stalked for 11 months.

27:21 Former SPRC member to current SPRC, an organization without communication will die.

28:00 Church member had to leave work on multiple occasions to come to the church, because his wife felt unsafe at work because a stalker was allowed to come to the church for 11 months. She could not go directly to SPRC because of the staff policy. Senior Pastor said he “would take care of it,” but the stalker was allowed to continue to come to the church. It only was addressed once younger members were concerned and had family members on SPRC. Church member states staff policy needs to be reviewed and Senior Pastor very much needs to be reviewed.

29:40 Hopeful that church would have a recommendation by SPRC by the next meeting. Very clear there are some issues on how we . Hopeful SPRC can come up with something that is more transparent.

30:30 Count for the minutes

31:45 STaff member asked if new Administrative assistant what is she having to sign beside her contract. Does she have to sign something that was started with Jane? Senior Pastor states that is something that he would like to see changed. He will not have the new hire sign.

No date for the next meeting. No accountability for SPRC or Senior Pastor.

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