Cautionary Kiss

!CAUTIONARY KISS! Cautionary Kiss is a live pop up performance ; peaceful but guerilla style. I will set up at noon on June 1st on the corner of Ave A and 7th street. With a large inflatable balloon. Using the…

Cautionary Kiss



Cautionary Kiss is a live pop up
performance ; peaceful but guerilla style.
I will set up at noon on June 1st on the corner of Ave A and 7th street. With a large inflatable balloon. Using the backdrop of Tompkins Square Park and Niagara which also houses on the outside one of my favorite murals in the city featuring a painting of Joe Strummer of the Clash with the phrase “ The Future Is Unwritten, which I think we can all relate to at the moment in the current state of the universe.
Both Tompkins Square Park and Niagara are cornerstones in this neighborhood for music,artistic gatherings,demonstrations for and of the people of the Lower Eastside for over a century.
This is a prop from a Jackie Factory ; Low Life edition performance and Howl Arts Festival which celebrates the East Village and East Village Artists and beyond. I am repurposing this inflatable balloon with different intentions breathing air into this balloon as a celebration of life as we take one cautious step at a time to move forward into a new world. The balloon represents the barrier of the human connection and the energy of our spirits and souls with the sudden lack of human contact that has completely upended the world in which we knew in a matter of days spinning the world’s axis on her head. Mother Nature Goddess Supreme.

I am excited to try to illuminate a little curiosity and food for thought and cheer . Take from it what you will ; what you need and in your very own individual interpretation.

Cautionary Kiss is for all of us.

Honoring those we have lost. May we all heal the wounds today and for years to come. Rest in Power.

Justice for those who are affected by the gross abuse of power and politics.

Thanking all of those essential workers whose tireless commitment helps and keeps us healthy , safe, thriving , fed and protected.

Hospitals, Nurses, Doctors, EMT, Pharmacies, Building Superintendents, Police Officers, Firefighters, Food Stores, Farms, All Delivery Workers, Shelters and Food banks, Sanitation, Transportation, Post Office, Child Care, Elder Care all home care, Teachers and Moms and Dads who are homeschooling , News Outlets Radio and Paper and Public Officials and Governor Cuomo and My Doctor Demetre Daskalakis…

And a Valentine to our loss of human contact as we once knew it.
The loss of the touch of the skin. Of the face to face and the embraceable you and most of all the Kiss; one of the highest forms of love and connection one can share.

Supporting Culture and Art around the World as the Arts are the Heartbeats of every city. Here is my heart in your hands.

We Are One World in the New World after a massive Global Crisis no matter what social economic or gender or race we are all affected and all must heal. We must breathe.

With reflection and repose to learn to thrive with more consciousness, kindness and heart with each other and all living things.

Let’s Join together with gloves and masks and a healthy social distance and get back into humanity stronger with care and attention to kindness… We are One. And The Future is Unwritten… But we can together create as a universal community. Cautionary Kiss…. I give to you….

I love you ,
Heather Litteer xxxxxxxxxx Cautionary Kiss xxxxxxxx
May 29th , 2020
Imagined created and performed by Heather Litteer
Photo by Bob Krasner
Photo Nina Choi
Photo Paul Storey
Videos Aldo Hernandez
Videos Kitty Boots
Puppeteer Fan Operator: Daddy DJ Johnny Dynell
Electric by Niagara Thx Jesse Malin and Johnny T
Plastic Inflatable by Jeffery Own Ralston
Inspirations and Muses
Ann-Margret,Caden Manson, Julie Atlas Muz

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